5 Reasons Trading is the Future of Sustainable Luxury Fashion

Illustration by Mike Thompson.

Unlock the Next Level of Your Wardrobe

We all know that luxury fashion is aspirational, beautiful, chic, and often a symbol of power and beauty. The expense, however; can be a major setback. Some may not have $5000 to spend on a handbag or the disposable income for those Air Jordan 1 Retro Sneakers!

The environment also takes a hit when new products are produced by major design houses and the world is finally starting to notice. At best, brands mark down and ship out their unsold stock. At worst, millions of dollars in unsold luxury fashion are destroyed to maintain “brand value” at the expense of our Earth.

How do you combat the prices for your favorite designer goods, update your wardrobe with a few clicks, and help the environment? Simple – buy, sell, or list your designer favorites for trade on TheNOBO. Here are five reasons to choose resale over retail.

1. Bye Bye Buyer’s Remorse

Are those $1,200 Prada flame heels that you HAD to have collecting designer dust in your closet? Regretting that watch you bought for a big job interview but didn’t get the job? No worries, TheNOBO can help you trade your items for something new and improved, or the cash you need. Trade them for a slick pair of Christian Louboutin So Kates with the powerful red bottom that says “I have arrived!” TheNOBO’s system can turn your Valentinos into Louboutins in just a few clicks.

2. Unique and Rare Inventory

Our stock comes from U.S.-based luxury lovers and the unique fashion finds that fly into our online marketplace may not be available anywhere else. We have so many gorgeous pieces from various years in fashion, the value is unmatched. Use TheNOBO to trade for your dream bags, shoes, and jewelry, with only a few clicks.

3. Fashion Waste

Did you know that in 2018 Burberry admitted to destroying $37.8 Million in unsold stock? We all want to help our planet become more sustainable. We take pride in closing the circle that starts as a brand new product but ends up in a landfill. Do your part to improve sustainability in the luxury fashion industry, and update your wardrobe for less at the same time.

4. Luxe for Less

When it comes to those luxe wardrobe staples that make us feel professional and put together, we need quality and value. Conserve the value of your luxury products by using its value to trade for another luxury product, while only paying a nominal fee. We promise, your wallet and the environment will thank you!

5. Guiltless Wardrobe Refresh

No more feeling like you don’t have what you’re looking for when you look at your closet! On TheNOBO you can trade your preloved or new luxury bags, shoes, and jewelry with another conscious consumer, 100% secure, with complete trust and authenticity. Once your trade goes through…wow! You’re on your way to sustainable luxury fashion heaven. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

By making the world a more sustainable place, providing you with the ultimate luxury fashion trading experience, and opening you up to new and rare wardrobe staples, we are ready to upgrade your closet, and your happiness too.