How Do I Sell My Jordan Sneakers?

How Do I Sell My Jordan Sneakers?

TheNOBO – Air Jordan Resellers in San Francisco

Did you know that you can get $10,000 or even more for your Air Jordans? When Nike introduced the sneaker in 1985, it epitomized the one and only Michael Jordan, but was banned by the NBA! The public showed their support regardless, put their money where their mouth was and the rest is history, as they say!

How Are Jordan’s Valued?

The value of your Jordans is based on a multitude of factors: condition, edition, silhouette, color, material, size, and collaborators all affect the resell price and trade value.

High tops command more in the retail market than their shorter cousins, priced at between $170 to $250. But on the resale market, more recent iterations in pristine condition with the box + tag from the original retailer can be valued well into the hundreds and even thousands!

Nike collaborated with Virgil Abloh, and Travis Scott to produce two masterpieces, the Air Jordan X Off-White and Air Jordan 6 x Travis Scott – currently valued anywhere between $450 and $1300, respectively. And the grande dame of them all – the Dior Jordan with its grey/white colorway, and Dior monogram Nike swoosh can fetch well into the $10,000 and over range!

Selling Jordans

TheNOBO allows sneakerheads to command a higher price for their favorite Jordans, because of its easy-to-use, luxury platform!

  1. Clean your Jordans. Shoes should be cleaner than Diamond DeShieldsor Russell Westbrook on game day.  If worn, a toothbrush with soap and baking soda goes a long way.
  2. Take gorgeous, well-lit pics of your Jordans – Making sure the lighting captures the best aspects. Natural illumination with a simple background is clutch. Use actual photos instead of the gazillions floating around on the net. We recommend taking a high-quality picture of the front, inside, rear, sides, serial number, and logo. If you have the original purchase receipt – 3 pointers! Make future buyers and traders salivate.
  3. Receipts! – Keep the box, original receipts, and any cards associated with your Jordans. This can help you command a higher price on our marketplace!

On TheNOBO you will receive anywhere from 65% to 80% of the sale price, your cut depends on the sneaker’s value! And as a seller, you will receive payment once the buyer has received their shoes.

Selling your Jordans with TheNOBO is a slam dunk! You don’t have to be Skylar Diggins-Smith or LeBron James to score.