How to Prepare Your Shoes for Resale

Got a few shoes lying in the closet that you no longer want to wear? Don’t just throw them away. You can still get a good value out of your shoes by re-selling. Luxury marketplaces like TheNOBO give you the perfect platform to get reliable buyers for your pre-loved designer shoes.

That said, you still need to prep them to make sure you get the best deal out of your resale. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Check the Condition

Are there any signs of wear or any visible damages to your shoes? This will play a role in the value. The good news is that minor defects aren’t a deal-breaker in most cases. But it’s important to disclose them in your listing to maintain transparency and prevent disappointed buyers.

Step 2: Clean and Recondition Them

No one wants to buy shoes that look too worn.  Make sure you thoroughly clean them before they’re camera-ready. Get rid of any stains and yellowing if possible. For shoes that need more intensive cleaning, you might even need to use a specialized cleaning formula.

If you’re reselling leather shoes, you can even restore the shine using leather polish. This will instantly revamp the look of your shoes and make them more resale-worthy.

Step 3: Get Them Restored

For shoes that can fetch a significant value, you might want to consider getting them restored first before you list them for resale. Professional restorers can fix problems like creasing, yellowing, discoloration, air bubbles, scratches, and loose soles to make your shoes look as good as new.

Step 4: Take High-Quality Photos

If you want to get a good value out of reselling your shoes, the quality of your photos can make all the difference. Follow these product photography best practices to get high-quality photos:

  • Remove background clutter so the main focus is on the shoes.
  • Lighting is everything, so try to use natural light if possible.
  • Avoid using flash or harsh indoor lights.
  • Skip the style filters to showcase the shoes in their correct color.

Don’t forget to take a close-up photo of any damages so you can set realistic expectations.

Step 5: Write a Compelling Description

For online listings, you need an accurate product description to go with the photos. Be sure to mention details like the brand name, model, material, and size. And be transparent about any damages no matter how minor.

Step 6: List Your Shoes on TheNOBO

Now you’re all set to list your shoes on TheNOBO. Once you create your account, select “List My Item.” Then enter all the details about your shoes, such as size, pricing, brand name, etc. (Keep in mind that TheNOBO will have a final say in the pricing after estimating the item value.)

All you have to do now is wait for a buyer to choose your listing.

Explore TheNOBO to learn more about how we make buying, selling, and trading luxury products, simple and fun!