How Do I Sell My Chanel Bag?

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Want to make sure you sell your Chanel bag for every cent that it’s worth? Let TheNOBO help you.

Where and How to Sell Chanel Bags

Every fashion enthusiast worth their salt knows the value of Chanel bags. They’re a wardrobe staple, they have a timeless appeal, and most importantly, you can get a close-to-retail price if you ever decide to sell them.

The classic Boy Bag, for instance, retains around 90% of its resale value, according to Who What Wear. While you can’t always get 80-90% of the original retail price for every Chanel bag, it’s safe to say that you’ll still get a great deal.

But it can be challenging to resell Chanel bags if you’re not careful with the where and the how. You typically have two options:

  • Selling through designer consignment stores
  • Selling through online marketplaces

Designer consignment stores overcharge in listing and handling fees, which means you’ll receive a lower return. There are a few popular marketplaces, with varying requirements for how to submit a product, have it authenticated (in person or online), and get it sold. Typically the online marketplaces offer lower consignment fees, free shipping, and other incentives to make it easy for you to sell right from your closet!

That’s where TheNOBO comes in, giving you a secure and authenticated place to buy, sell, and even trade designer items. This one-of-a-kind luxury marketplace lets you recreate value from your pre-owned Chanel bag without the exorbitant fees associated with traditional consignment.

All you have to do is create an account, list your product, and wait for someone to buy it. Once your item sells, you can earn 65-80% of the sale price!

Want to trade? We can do that too! TheNOBO is the only place to securely trade pre-owned designer products online. We carefully review the authenticity of every trade item using a combination of technology and expert authenticators, then confirm its value using market data, warehouse all trade products, and when trades go through, ship each product to each user!

So if you plan on trading, you can trust you’ll receive a100% authentic designer product in exchange for your Chanel bag!

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Tips on Selling Your Chanel Bag on TheNOBO

Thinking of selling your Chanel bag on TheNOBO? Here’s how you can get the best deal:

Set Your Price

Several questions come to mind when setting a fair price for your Chanel bag. How much did you pay for it? How much does it currently retail for? What’s the typical resale value of the bag? The design, material, and condition all play key factors in setting a fair price.

Keep in mind that TheNOBO will verify its value and have final confirmation on all prices.

Make It Look Good

Make sure you’re attracting buyers with professional and high-quality photos that showcase every detail of your Chanel bag.

Well-lit photos are a must, consider photographing the bag in natural light or use a studio light if possible. Don’t forget to include photos of any visible defects to maintain transparency.

Receipts, Receipts, Receipts

To help authenticate your bag, provide receipts. Take pictures of the serial number and authenticity card. If you still have the actual receipt from when you purchased the bag, make sure to include that as well.

This can help speed up the sale process, reassuring buyers that you’re selling a 100% authentic Chanel bag.

Explore TheNOBO to learn more about how we make buying, selling, and trading luxury products simple and fun!