The Ultimate Guide to Trading Your Yeezy Sneakers

You loved your Yeezys when you first got them and you wore them everywhere – from parties and dates to vacations and live events. But now that you’ve made all the fashion statements you wanted to make with those sneakers, you’re ready to part ways. The good news is your pre-owned Yeezys still retain significant value, so you can trade them for something that better fits your current taste and style.

Find out how to trade your Yeezy sneakers and how much they’re worth.

How Much are Pre-Owned Yeezy Sneakers Worth?

Before trading your Yeezy sneakers, it’s good to have some idea of how much they’re worth. That way, you can make sure you’re getting a good deal out of the trade.

Owing to their high demand, most Yeezy sneakers retain almost 100% of their retail price even in used condition. Most of them even have a much higher resale value than their original price. The 350 V2 “Zebra” might go for around $600 while it initially retailed for $220 during its first release in 2017.

Statista estimates that the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” edition has an average resale price of over $6,000. And one of the most popular models, the 350 V2 “Turtledove” resells for about $1,279.

So if you have any one of the in-demand models, you’re in luck! And if yours are one of the models that didn’t skyrocket on the resale market, you can still get a good trade deal.

Where to Trade Your Yeezys

For most people who want to trade their Yeezys, it’s not about the “how” but more about the “where.” Look no further than TheNOBO – the only place where you can securely trade authenticated pre-owned luxury items. Here’s how you can trade your Yeezy sneakers on TheNOBO:

  • Register on TheNOBO.
  • Go to the “Trade” page and look for items that you might want to trade with your Yeezys.
  • When you see a product you want to trade for select “Add a new product to Trade”
  • Then proceed with the trade process! For trade items, you need to send the product to TheNOBO for authentication. You’ll get a shipping label for this. Print it, pack up the item, and send it.

If you don’t immediately find an item that you like on the trade page, still go ahead and just list your Yeezys…You never know what new trade items will get listed!

  • Select “List My Item” and choose to trade.
  • Provide the necessary details about your Yeezy sneakers such as condition, price, etc.
  • For trade items, you need to send the product to TheNOBO for authentication. You’ll get a shipping label for this. Print it, pack up the item, and send it.
  • After authentication, your Yeezys will be listed as a trade item on The Now all you have to do is wait for an interested shopper to choose your listing.

Tips to Trade Your Yeezys

To make sure you get the most value out of the trade, follow these tips on trading your Yeezys:

Clean It up for Your Listing

Even when they’re shopping for pre-owned items, people generally don’t want to go for something that looks too worn. Make sure to clean your Yeezys before sending them to TheNOBO for authentication, photography, and listing for trade!

Be Transparent About the Condition

Transparency is crucial when listing pre-loved items. If there are any defects (even a minor scratch), make sure to include that information in your listing (also TheNOBO will confirm the condition and check authentication before your trade listing goes live). But it’s best to be upfront as early as possible! The last thing you want is TheNOBO returning your item to you because you misrepresented the condition and it can’t go live on the site!

Explore TheNOBO to learn more about how we make buying, selling, and trading luxury products, simple and fun!